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There are different types of specialists that are in the field of moving and among this is piano movers Sacramento. They have the equipment and expertise to move this musical instrument, carefully shift it, transport it by specially fitted trucks for pianos, deliver it, unpack the musical instrument and tune it for free.


Because of the reason that piano moving require technical knowhow, the movers are trained specially and know in great detail different parts of the piano as well as other functions it has. Being a specialized service, piano movers are charging a higher price compared to moving furniture. But the price is justifiable as they're offering guarantees to their piano storage Davis service. While the console, spinet, upright grand and studio upright can be moved as one unit, instruments similar to concert pianos and baby grand has to be dismantled from its legs, use blankets to wrap it in and placed on a skid or piano board.


Majority of the piano moving companies are actually tech savvy and also, your consignment may be tracked while it is being moved. The service is insured and seasoned movers are using cutting-edge moving equipment to be able to move delicates similar to pianos.


Movers are going to place the piano on the piano board and then, cover it with blankets and strap it secure to the board. Then after, a dolly is used in order to move the piano over level surfaces either to the truck or stairway. Down a stairway, the dolly will be removed and piano on board is slid slowly up or down the stairs.


Great control is required to make sure that the piano doesn't gather speed and be able to runaway from movers. When moving this musical instrument to homes on the higher floor levels, the mover will be using a hoist than taking the instrument by stairs. Here, the preferred alternative is freight lift.


The way in finding the best piano mover is through word of mouth, your technician, asking other piano owners or getting the recommendations of a piano dealer. Reliable piano movers are experts and will happily answer all questions you have and clear doubts that piano owners will have. The piano mover will either charge by a flat rate or hourly rate and is computed by considering the distance of move, type of piano, equipment and workforce needed, schedule as well as the difficulty of moving it.